Bangla Movie- Nirshartho Valobasha (What is love)

Synopsis :   After successes in the film embrace more welcoming Bangladesh Bengali movie action hero MA Jalil Ananta began its own new address Bangladesh Bangla film "Nirsarto Valobasha" (what is love) with Borsha Bangadeshi model and actress. In our time, stop Ananta his outside shooting in Thailand and now the post production work of the film is in progress. House said the film produced Nirshartho Valovasha songs and scenes are all different beautiful places and used various special effects. Organization of the film said that the film is released on 2013 Valentine ’s Day.

Nishartho Valobasha

Name of Movie
Nirshartho Valobasha (What is love)
Borsha, M A Jalil Ananta, Soshi, Nayok Raj Razzak, Misha Showdagore, Don, Kabila, Sucarita
Mafujur Rahman Khan
Ekram Hossain
Story, Dialogue
Management, Production, M A Jalil Ananta,
Filming Location
Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand and India
Production House 
Moonsoon Films
Emon Sha, Showkat Ali Emon
In Theater
February 2013


  1. sala vondo.bodmashi koran ar jaina pas na chobi koi

    1. ঠিক বলছেন ভাই, শালারে ধইরা গু খাওয়ান উচিত।

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